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Welcome to VAKOMA GmbH

About Us

Our competent team implement globally most varied drive solutions, guaranteeing customised, highly cost-efficient solutions and long-lived products. Read more


The product diversity we manufacture includes compressors, vacuum pumps, gear drives, steam pumps as well as equipment of other makes.Read more

Spare parts

We manufacture and supply spare parts for vacuum pumps, high-pressure compressors, small compressors, and equipment of other makes.Read more


Complex tasks consistently dictate a need for finding adequate solutions! VAKOMAŽ boast ample experience in the development and design of machinery.Read more


Confidence customers place in VAKOMA's work has resulted from a tradition of over one hundred years in the development and manufacture of most varied machinery and equipment in the field of compressed air and drive systems technology.Read more


Apart from our headquarters in Magdeburg, we maintain regional representative offices in Russia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia/Eastern Siberia, as well as Pacific/South America to look after your needs.Read more